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World Youth Choir Recruitment/AUDITION procedure 2014

How to audition?

Candidates are auditioned by NATIONAL RECRUITERS (music organizations, choral organizations, universities, music schools, conductors, music teachers, etc.) throughout the world. 

To audition to the World Youth Choir each candidate needs to take 2 steps! 

Step 1: National Selection or DIRECT application 

All eligible singers should apply for national selection (if organized) in their home country and pass the live audition in front of a national jury. For information on national auditions (dates, places, requirements) candidates should check the list of national recruiters and contact persons or institutions given under the selected country.

Singers selected at the national level are qualified for the final international audition in spring 2014. Candidates' physical presence is not required in the final international selection. Decision of the international jury is final! General audition requirements can be seen below.

If eligible for this category read all about national audition/rules and requirements.  

If national recruitment partners are not active, not replying after contacting, not existing and no auditions are organized, one can still apply to the World Youth Choir management. How?

Check a DIRECT application process!

IMPORTANT (in special cases): Those candidates applying on a national level but not attending already scheduled national audition only and specifically due to health or physical incapacity, proved to the national organizer by a valid doctor's certificate, can and should audition to World Youth Choir's international jury/selection with direct application only if national recruiter decides in favor of this option and sends such request to the World Youth Choir management for consideration and approval. In this case, audition requirements, rules and recording procedures of a direct application process are to be followed.

Additional information: As of 2011 it has been decided that all former and present World Youth Choir singers can participate actively in the recruitment process as ''associate recruiters'': finding and guiding new singers, advertising the project or even auditioning in the countries where national audition is not held/organized. If the candidate is auditioning with a World Youth Choir member such audition will not be considered as national selection; rules and requirements of a direct application process are to be followed in all parts, including the official permission of the management. ''Associate recruiters'' can become official national recruiters together with the institution they work for. If interested, do contact us.

Step 2: International jury selection  Click to find out more

As of 2014 the Foundation World Youth Choir has made several changes in the overall, global audition process and requirements. Please take a note on the following!

NEW audition requirements as of 2014?

The traditional timing of auditions for the World Youth Choir has now moved to September - December of the current year.

Partners or direct applicants should submit complete application materials not later than December 31st of the current year.

The material (see the list of required below) should be submitted only through an online form - no paper documents should be filled in nor e mails with heavy attachments sent to the management!

Aria or Lied are no longer required as part of the candidates' audition! As of this year the candidate should present: Range test, Sight reading exercise and 2 obligatory choral excerpts. (For instructions see below).    

Important deadlines! 

National auditions should be organized from mid September to the end of December 2013. National recruiters should submit the material of those selected not later than December 31st 2013, through the following application form directly to the Foundation World Youth Choir.

NOTE: Those applying directly to the international jury (with the approval of the management and in line with requirements below) should submit their application and audition material not later than December 31st 2013 as well, through the following application form





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