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GENERAL RULES - How to audition and where?
National Selection
All eligible singers should audition in their home country applying for a national selection. Candidates are auditioned by NATIONAL RECRUITERS preferably live in front of a national jury appointed by a national recruiting institution/organization (music organizations, choral organizations, universities, music schools, conductors, music teachers, etc.).
Check the list of countries and partners (national recruiters) -> here. For information on national auditions (dates, places, requirements) candidates should contact persons or institutions given under the selected country. If national auditions are organized recruiters should be able to provide all information available. If not, please do write back to us.
If, by contacting your national recruiter, you have all necessary information which will ensure your good preparation for a scheduled national selection, please find out all about national audition requirements -> here - ''What to prepare for NATIONAL audition?''. Click the previously underlined text in blue or go back to the main page ''Audition'' -> here and select this option.                     
NOTE: Where a centralized, live national audition is not possible to be organized (especially in geographically large countries), national recruiters might instruct potential candidates to, either contact their local or regional branches for further assistance (if existing and active) or to record their audition under the supervision of their teacher/conductor (rules of a direct application process to be applied in such cases). Recorded material should then be submitted digitally to a national recruiter for a final national selection.      
If you come from a country where national recruitment partners are not active, not replying, not existing and finally no auditions are organized, you can still apply by sending/submitting your audition directly to the World Youth Choir International Jury. How? Check a ''DIRECT APPLICATION process'' instructions! -> here (Click the previously underlined text in blue or go back to the main page ''Audition'' -> here and select this option). 
International jury selection
Singers selected at national audition(s) or applying directly to the International Jury (special cases) are qualified for the final international selection held in spring (March/April) of the year in which the event is taking place. Candidates' physical presence is not required in the final international selection. The decision of the International Jury is final!  About the International Jury click -> here
Conditions of participation at sessions (if selected):
The World Youth Choir generally comprises of + - 40 to 80 singers from all over the world.
Singers are recruited as follows:
~ Re-invited singers - those eligible after participating in previous sessions.
~ NEW SINGERS proposed by international partners or applying directly, globally.
~ Check your eligibility -> here
~ Events are conducted in English. Intermediate level of English is required.
~ From arrival to a host country until departure all accommodation, transportation and music material are provided by the organization and a certificate of participation (diploma) is issued to each singer.
***In addition, each participant is granted a free, one year membership in the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat and the International Federation for Choral Music.
Selected participants are responsible for:
~ Paying a moderate session participation fee (to be announced for each event separately).
~ Travel to and from the host country/final concert tour destination.  
~ Preparing a chosen repertoire in advance, at home (music material (digit pack) is sent to all selected singers by email)  
~ Visas and all other official documents - health and travel insurance, etc.
~ Pocket money.
Important deadlines!
National auditions are organized from September to the end of December in a year before the scheduled event/session. National recruiters should submit the audition material of all selected candidates directly to the Foundation World Youth Choir and not later than XXX, through an online application form (a link to be published later on).  
Candidates submitting their audition  directly to the World Youth Choir international jury (with the approval of the management and in line with the requirements of a direct application process) should send their application not later than December XXX as well, through an online application form (a link to be published later on).
NOTE: audition  material should be submitted only through an online application form - no paper documents should be filled in nor emails with heavy attachments sent! No scores are needed as an attachment to the candidates' application form.
Choose how you can audition (the applicable option) and read further instructions on ''What to prepare'' - NATIONAL audition (-> here) or ''What to prepare'' - DIRECT application in special cases (-> here) or go back to the main page ''Audition'' (-> here).






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