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WYC Collector 2008

CD 1 Light Music - Order now!

01. Amazing Grace (Collective Arrangement ) – Cond: W. Swingle
02. Heal the World (Michael Jackson/Borela) – Cond: R. Sund
03. Hallelujah (Robert Sund) – Cond: R. Sund
04. I've Got You Under my Skin (Michael Porter/Mattson) – Cond: S. Zegree
05. Praise His Holy Name (Keith Hamilton) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
06. Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington/Michelle Weir) – Cond: M. Weir
07. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (Moses Hogan) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
08. Rat Race (Quincy Jones/Marois) – Cond: S. Zegree
09. Sometimes I Feel (Pamela Baskin Watson) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
10. A Child is Born (Arr. Michelle Weir) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
11. My Soul Has Been Anchored (Arr. Moses Hogan) – Cond: A. Armstrong
12. Every Time I Feel the Spirit (Arr. Larry Farrow) – Cond: A. McNeil
13. My Lord What a Morning (Arr. Larry Farrow) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
14. It Was a Lover and his Lass (Ward Swingle) – Cond: W. Swingle
15. I Am His Child (Moses Hogan) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
16. John Saw the Number (Parker/Shaw) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
17. Soon and Very Soon (Andrae Crouch) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
18. Sit Down Servant (Arr. Linda Twine) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
19. Sukiyaki (Robert Sund) – Cond: R. Sund
20. La Muerte del Angel (Astor Piazzolla/Arr. Liliana Cangiano) – Cond: R. Sund
Total Time 67’42


CD 2 Folk Inspiration 1

01. Betelehemu (Arr. Wendell Whalum) – Cond: A. McNeil
02. Psalm 42 (Traditional) – Cond: S. Jacobs
03. Thina Ntozabantu (Traditional) – Cond: S. Jacobs
04. Sponono (Traditional) – Cond: S. Jacobs
05. Mehmetio (Ivan Spassov) – Cond: Theodora Pavlovitch
06. Ñe Imami (Pavel Chesnokov) – Cond: Theodora Pavlovitch
07. Fatise Kolo (Traditional Serbian) – Cond: Theodora Pavlovitch
08. Sto i Emilo (Traditional Macedonian) – Cond: Theodora Pavlovitch
09. Ela se vie previva (Petko Staïnov) – Cond: Theodora Pavlovitch
10. Shiru L’Adonai (Aharon Harlap) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
11. Island Songs Monkey and Turtles (Stephen Leek) – Cond: Bob Chilcott
12. Ronda Catonga (C. Benavides/Idefenso Pereda/Pedro Roballo) – Cond: R. Sund
13. Mata del Anima Sola (Antonio Estevez) – Cond: M. Guinand
14. La Adelita (Arr. G. Martin) – Cond: M. Guinand
15. Arestinga (Otilio Galindez/Arr. Alberto Grau) – Cond: M. Guinand
16. Tiempo para un Tiempo(Roberto Valera) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
17. Salseo (Oscar Gailán) – Cond: F. Izcaray
18. A capella in Acapulco (Real Group) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
19. Käsikivimäng (Veljo Tormis) – Cond: T. Kaljuste
20. Pseudo Yoik (Jaakko Mäntyjärvi) – Cond: G. Graden
21. Nordic Lights part I (Grete Pedersen) – Cond: G. Pedersen


CD 3 Folk Inspiration 2

01. Making of the Drum (Bob Chilcott) – Cond: B. Chilcott
02. Jamaican Market Place (Arr. Larry Farrow) – Cond: A. Armstrong
03. Marry a Woman Uglier Than You (Leonard De Paur) – Cond: A. McNeil
04. Tangueando (Oscar Escalada) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
05. Se Equivocó la Paloma (Carlos Guastavino/Alberti) – Cond: R. Sund
06. Jubiabá (Carlos Alberto Pinto Fonseca) – Cond: M. Guinand
07. Sohran bushi (Arr. Osamu Shimizu) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
08. Song of Praise (Arr. Nan-Chang Chien) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
09. Mamayog Akun (Arr. Obispo) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
10. Sakura (Arr. Toru Takemitsu) – Cond: N. Tanaka
11. Soran Bushi (Akira Miyoshi) – Cond: N. Tanaka
12. War Song (Shin Ichiro Ikebe) – Cond: N. Tanaka


CD 4 Academic 1

01. Trois extraits des Israelsbrünnlein (J. H. Schein) – Cond: F. Heyerick
02. So da, mein liebes Brüderlein (J. H. Schein) - Cond: F. Heyerick
03. Magnificat (Arvo Pärt) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
04. Gloria (Lars Edlund) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
05. Gloria (Jan Sandström) – Cond: G. Graden
06. I Himmelen (Edvard Grieg) – Cond: M. Brewer
07. Libera me (Ingvar Lindholm) – Cond: P. Erdei
08. Which Was the Son (Arvo Pärt) – Cond: T. Kaljuste
09. A New Heaven (Sven-David Sandström) – Cond: G. Pedersen
10. Unicornis Captivatur (Ola Gjeilo) – Cond: G. Pedersen


CD 5 Academic 2

01. Due cori di Michelangelo Buonarroti il Giovane (Luigi Dallapiccola) – Cond: R. Sund
02. La Passagietta (G. Rossini) – Cond: R. Sund
03. Ave Maria (Giuseppe Verdi) – Cond: F. Bernius
04. Dance, Clarion Air (Michael Tippens) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
05. Ejzaka, Reggel (György Ligeti) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
06. Agnus Dei (Kryszstof Penderecki) – Cond: F. Bernius
07. Zorju B'jut (Georgy Sviridov) – Cond: J. Velasco
08. Christus est Natus (Damijan Mocnik) – Cond: G. Graden
09. Stabat Mater (Gyorgy Orban) – Cond: P. Erdei
10. An Ode to Music (Zoltan Kodaly) – Cond: J. Prinz
11. Friede auf Erden (Arnold Schoenberg) – Cond: F. Bernius


CD 6 Academic 3

01. Kasar Mie la Gaj (Alberto Grau) – Cond: M. Guinand
02. Romancero Gitano (Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco) – Cond: P. Smith
03. Lux Aurumque (Eric Whitacre) – Cond: F. Sjöberg
04. Ave Maria (Franz Biebl) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
05. Cloudburst (Eric Whitacre) – Cond: A.J. Thomas
06. Magic Songs (Raymond Murray Shaffer) – Cond: N. Tanaka
07. Composition for Chorus (Michio Mamiya) – Cond: N. Tanaka
08. Gloria (Ryan Cayabyab) – Cond: J. Velasco
09. Give Me Water (Kyoko Hayashi) – Cond: N. Tanaka
10. Ilay Gandangan (Rodolfo Delarmente) – Cond: J. Velasco
11. Yuyake Koyake (Akira Miyoshi) - Cond: N. Tanaka

Bonus Track Ding Dong Robert Sund

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''Singing the World''

World Youth Choir is looking for young, talented, experienced singers from all over the world, interested in improving their skills of choral singing while touring Croatia and Southeast Europe in July 2014. For full press release click here. 


Passionate and experienced high level choral singer or soloist.

Age between 17 and 26 on July 1st, 2014 (obligatory).

 Have basic or professional music education.

Ready to improve their singing and social skills.

 Ready to meet new friends all over the world.

 Ready to accept diversity of world cultures.

 Eager to learn in a multicultural environment.

 Ready to spend one month with great people.

Then YOU fit the perfect World Youth Choir singers’ profile - the World Youth Choir is for YOU! You should register NOW for the national auditions and qualify for the final international selection! 

Auditions for season 2014 are open from September to December 2013!

Practical information: Summer session 2014 in Croatia and the South East Europe, organized by Jeunesses Musicales Croatia and the World Youth Choir Foundation, in the frame of the 25th Anniversary celebration. The session will be followed by a tour with concerts in Croatia and further countries in the region (details will be confirmed at the end of 2013).

Dates: Minimum 3 weeks in July 2014, dates to be confirmed later on.

Repertoire and conductors: 2 different parts, “classical” choral repertoire with Ko MATSUSHITA (Japan) conducting, and ‘’Ethno' inspired music of the South East Europe (academic and folklore) with Mr. Vlado SUNKO (Croatia) conducting. Repertoire details to be confirmed at the end of 2013.

Important: No session participation fee.

The World Youth Choir 2014 will welcome + - 80 singers from all over the world. Singers will be recruited as follows:

Re-invited singers - session 2012 session in Cyprus. 

NEW SINGERS proposed by partners or applying directly, globally.

Conditions of participation at session 2014:

All applicants should fulfill the pre-requisites (singers' profile) written above.

Events will be conducted in English. Intermediate level of English is required.

From arrival to the host country until departure all accommodation, transportation and the material are provided by the organization.

Selected participants are responsible for:

-> Travel to and from the host country/final concert tour destination  (all travel details will be communicated with chosen singers directly after the final international selection).   

-> Full preparation of the chosen repertoire before coming to the session. Music material (digit pack) will be sent to all selected singers by mail before the end of May 2014.  

-> Visas and all official documents - health and travel insurance, etc.

-> Pocket money for private expenses.



When done select the nect page WHERE to audition/NATIONAL RECRUITMENT PARTNERS? 

For more info contact:

“Foundation World Youth Choir” c/o World Forum, Churchillplein 10, 2517 JW Den Haag, The Netherlands. General info: /












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