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Meet the World Youth Choir 2020

The international jury meeting for session 2020 took place in Bonn, Germany between 28-31 of January, hosted by the session organisers, the Bundesjugendorchester. During these days the jury selected the best singers from over 200 candidates. After many hours of listening to the numerous recordings and evaluating the applicants, the international jury finally chose 89 singers from 41 countries to be part of the World Youth Choir 2020 session.

The selection was made by an international jury composed by the artistic director of the 2020 session - Jörn Hinnerk Andresen - and a jury representative from each of the three World Youth Choir patron organisations: Daniel Mestre on behalf of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, Cristian Grases on behalf of the International Federation for Choral Music and Géraldine Toutain on behalf of Jeunesses Musicales International.


The process was conducted taking into account the artistic and musical quality of each candidate through all the audition files submitted: voice range, sight reading abilities, vocal technical skills, ability to prepare a piece and voice performance throughout. Furthermore, the jury also took into consideration the complementarity of the voices of the singers selected in order to create a cohesive group in each section and for the whole choir and, whenever possible, to amplify the diversity of countries represented in the World Youth Choir. 


The choice was often hard for the jury and the singers selected have now a heavy responsibility being part of the 2020 session. Many others could be also part of the choir and not being selected does not diminish their skills. The jury members invite all of them to continue vocal training to improve their musical abilities and performance and, for those who have not reached the age limit, to audition again next year.


Soprano section

Aisulu Amangeldy, Kazakhstan

Aleksandra Galkina, Estonia

Anna Campmany Duch, Spain

Carly Wingfield, USA

Catherine Northorpe, United Kingdom

Dilnoza Mayakubova, Uzbekistan

Ella Victoria Aubrey Castro, Philippines

Flávia Striquer Lima, Brazil

Giulia Faria, Brazil

Josefina Legarra, Uruguay

Kara Libby, USA

Katherine Tejera, Venezuela

Lucía Muniagurria, Argentina

Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Vasquez, Peru

Mayuko Tsushida, Japan

Nila Rajagopal, Canada

Pauline Therese Arejola, Philippines

Tatevik Ayvazyan, Armenia

Teresa Villena, Spain

Yuka Tokuda, Japan

Yulduz Userova, Uzbekistan

Alto section

Ana Arán, Spain

Ana Potočnik, Slovenia

Aniangi Vieira, Venezuela

Anna Nagy, Hungary

Carolynne Ball, Canada

Connor Ewens, USA

Daan van der Schaft, the Netherlands

Dariia Holiatina, Ukraine

Dawt Nei Cung, Myanmar

Eilís Dexter, Ireland

Elyse Delaney, Canada

Gabriela Martínez, Mexico

Helene Trones, Norway

Lena Ryser, Switzerland

Maia Steinberg, Poland/Uruguay

Megan Napier, South Africa

Mónica Redondo, Spain

Nele Erastus, Estonia

Nicole Franco Ralón, Guatemala

Shogo Seto, Japan

Sterre Decru, Belgium

Tsyren-Dulma Bolotova, Russia

Yumi Sasaki, Japan

Zala Strmole, Slovenia

Tenor section

Alejandro Briceño, Venezuela

Alejandro Aparicio, Spain

Aljaž Bastič, Slovenia

Angel Lizarazo, Venezuela

Arga Rakasiwi, Indonesia

Ciarán Fennelly, Ireland

David Medrado, Brazil

Denny Damara, Indonesia

Emanuele Petracco, Italy

Erick Morales, Guatemala

Erickson Nunes, Brazil

Esteban Valentin-Martinez, USA

Jacob Luellen, USA

Kaito Kikuchi, Japan

Kevin Hernandez Toledo, Mexico

Koon Tung Grant Sung, Hong Kong/China

Moses Torto, Ghana

Oğulcan Gökalp, Turkey

Raimer Gil, Venezuela

Bass section

Alberto Palacín Fernández, Spain

Alvin Law Sze Bin, Malaysia

Anderson Piaspam, Venezuela

Bryan Chong, Malaysia

Dimitrije Savić, Serbia

Ernesto Ângulo, Colombia

Farzad Omidi, Iran

Ferenc Sipos, Hungary

Graeme Climie, Canada

Guilherme de Almeida, Brazil

Jieh-Cherng Chuang, Taiwan

Joseph Goodwin, Canada

Korbinian Schlag, Austria/Germany

Lucas López, Spain

Luis Crespo, Venezuela

Pablo Morales, Spain

Raphael Ries, Germany

Ricardo Morales, Guatemala

Romashov Mukhtar, Kazakhstan

Seth Passah, Ghana

Simeon Zlatkov, Bulgaria

Victor de Jesus Gonzalez, Mexico

Yi-Hsiu Chung, Taiwan

Yu Hang Tan, Malaysia

All the singers have been contacted and the selected singers will take part in the session pending submission of their signed confirmation of attendance. The short-listed reserve singers will be contacted in case any of the selected singers is unable to take part in the World Youth Choir 2020 programme or fails to confirm their attendance.


The World Youth Choir would like to acknowledge all our partners, recruiters, alumni and audition supervisors that helped audition over 200 singers for this year’s edition of the programme. The recruitment process could not have been carried out without their invaluable help and for this we would like to publicly thank them.

We also thank the World Youth Choir jury and conductor for carrying out the hard task of listening to all the audition files and performing a fair and balanced selection of talented singers which will integrate the choir this year.

The World Youth Choir 2020 session is organised by:




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With the support of:

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