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The World Youth Choir (WYC) is an international ensemble of the best young choral singers from all over the world. Established in 1989, it brings together up to 100 remarkable young talents, between the ages of 17 - 26, for a session and tour every year. The WYC has become a global symbol for peace, unity and harmony; being recognised as a UNESCO Artist for Peace (1996-1998), as well as performing at the Olympic Games (1992, 2008) and Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony (2011).

The choir is created fresh each year, through a series of competitive national and online auditions, overseen by an international jury. With the help of our patrons and a local host, each year a session of the programme is organised in a different country. The session takes place over the course of 3 weeks, during which the young musical talents that compose the WYC rehearse for up to ten days and then tour in selected locations, under the direction of renowned conductors.

Whilst the singers, conductors and locations change annually, the spirit of the WYC always stays intact: and that is one of intercultural understanding, high-level musicianship and international friendship. To date, the World Youth Choir has over 1000 alumni singers from 75 different countries and has performed over 300 concerts in 37 different countries. It is a phenomenal educational, artistic and social programme that contributes to the raising of new generations of “Global Citizens” and greatly impacts the lives of young singers as well as the audiences they outreach.

This unique global ensemble is made possible through its founders and patrons: the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat, the International Federation for Choral Music and JM International. Together they guide the WYC Foundation that aims to inspire many more generations of singers through the spirit and music of the World Youth Choir.


1990     WYC performs at 2nd World Symposium for Choral Music in Stockholm.


1992     WYC performs at the Olympic Gala in Barcelona. 

1996     WYC is awarded the title of UNESCO Artist for Peace (1996-1998)

2002     WYC performs at 6th World Choral Symposium in Minneapolis.             
             The WYC is awarded the prestigious Robert Edler Prize.


2003     WYC documentary film, session 2003, Switzerland (all rights reserved Jürg Schönenberger).


2007     WYC DVD, Pretoria concert LIVE, Session 2007 South Africa & Namibia.


2008     WYC documentary DVD/film, session 2008 Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China.

             WYC performs at the Opening ceremonies of the Olympic Equestrian Games in Hong Kong.


2009     6 CD pack published "The best of the World Youth Choir", celebrating our 20th anniversary.

             20th Anniversary celebration in cooperation with SWICCO, in Orebro, Sweden.


2010     WYC documentary DVD/film sponsored by Linguamon, House of languages, Barcelona, Spain.

             At the end of the year, a new seat of the World Youth Choir was created: The Foundation World

             Youth Choir is established, with its seat in the Hague, NL.


2011     WYC performance at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, The Nobel Peace Prize award-giving

             ceremony and acappella concert celebrating 200 years of the University of Oslo.

2019     WYC 30th anniversary celebration, including a concert at the World Choral Expo Lisbon and a

            reception with many alumni, board and former partners/supporters.


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