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In the Summer of 2020, the World Youth Choir will have a special session in the frame of the festivities of the Beethoven Anniversary Year, joining the National Youth Orchestra of Germany – Bundesjugendorchester (BJO) - for a programme with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and a commission work by Tan Dun entitled Nine. The session will be a unique experience for the 80-100 young singers from around the world and for the audiences who will attend their high-quality concerts.


The rehearsal session will be hosted in Bonn from July 30th to August 7th, where the choir and orchestra will have time to work on the pieces both separately and as a combined ensemble. This will be an opportunity to not only make music together but also get to know musicians from other countries and discuss the impact of international cooperation projects on their professional development, through complementary networking activities which will be present in the programme.

Following the rehearsals, the World Youth Choir and National Youth Orchestra of Germany will go on an exciting international tour of concerts, featuring the World premiere of Tan Dun’s piece Nine:

08 Aug - Concert in Bonn, conducted by Tan Dun

09 Aug - Concert in Berlin, conducted by Tan Dun

10 Aug - Concert in Einbeck, conducted by Jörn Hinnerk Andresen

11 Aug - Concert in Lübeck, conducted by Tan Dun

13 Aug - Concert in Amsterdam, conducted by Tan Dun

14 Aug - Concert in Wiesbaden, conducted by Jörn Hinnerk Andresen

15 Aug - Concert in Weikersheim, conducted by Jörn Hinnerk Andresen

16 Aug - Concert in Kassel, conducted by Jörn Hinnerk Andresen

18 Aug - Concert in Sterzing/Vipiteno, conducted by Jörn Hinnerk Andresen

19 Aug - Concert in Vienna, conducted by Jörn Hinnerk Andresen

The World Youth Choir Foundation is looking for young, talented, experienced singers from all around the world who are interested in improving their skills in choral singing. If you are a passionate and experienced high-level choral singer or soloist between 17 and 26 years old, have a basic or professional music education, are excited to meet new international friends, are eager to learn in a multicultural environment, and are ready to spend 3-4 weeks with extraordinary like-minded choristers, the 2020 World Youth Choir session is for you!


Arrival day: 30th of July 2020

Departure day: 20th of August 2020



The World Youth Choir 2020 will have two conductors, who will alternate in conducting the choir and orchestra during the rehearsals and tour: Tan Dun (CHN) and Jörn Hinnerk Andresen (DEU). Read more about them here.


The 2020 World Youth Choir and Bundesjugendorchester performances will feature four World Youth Choir alumni as soloists. The soloists were already selected by the organisers of the session and will be shortly announced on our website and social media.


The repertoire of the 2020 World Youth Choir session, will be fully dedicated to the 250th Beethoven Anniversary Festivities and performed with the BJO. The programme will be composed of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and a commission work by Tan Dun called Nine.


Working language

Events are conducted in English. Intermediate level of English is required.


Conditions provided

For the selected singers, from arrival at a host country until departure, all accommodation, transportation, meals and music materials are provided by the organization, and a certificate of participation (diploma) is issued to each singer.

Selected participants are responsible for:

  • Travel in between their host country and the rehearsal location (Bonn)/ final concert tour destination (Vienna);

  • Preparation of the chosen repertoire in advance, at home (music material in a digital package will be sent to all selected singers by email);

  • Visas and all other official documents as well as health and travel insurance, etc.

  • Pocket money

Why should you join?

Beyond the project itself, the World Youth Choir is a way to network with choral youth in the world. Selected singers/session participants are considered cultural “ambassadors” of their country. In return they make friends with young people from all over the world, learn of new/different singing techniques, improve interpretation as well as stage performance capacity while singing choral music of various styles, time periods and the many genres of each continent, learn about other cultures and bring back home choral music from different world countries.

The World Youth Choir by its music, performances and presence (sessions) in different regions of the world, each or every other year, sends a message of peace, brotherhood, and the vitality of life itself. UNESCO named the World Youth Choir “Artist for Peace” in 1996, recognising its success as a platform for intercultural dialogue through music


Participation fee

The participation fee for singers is 100€, to be paid to the World Youth Choir Foundation after the results of the international jury by the selected singers.

In addition, each participant is granted a free, one-year membership in the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat and the International Federation for Choral Music.


Deadline to apply: December 15th, 2019

Please note that recruiters in each country might define an earlier deadline, in order to be able to process and submit the applicant’s information.

How to apply: The recruitment for the World Youth Choir is made through our partner organisations worldwide, who organise auditions in over 60 countries. You should look for a recruiter near you and contact them directly to learn more about the audition process in your country. In case your country doesn't have a national recruiter you can apply directly by recording your own audition and submitting it to the World Youth Choir international jury.

To learn more about the audition process and documents required from all applicants, please visit this page which explains how to prepare your audition.

The World Youth Choir 2020 session is organised by:




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As a parallel project within the 2020 Beethoven Anniversary year, the European Choral Association (one of the World Youth Choir's patrons) is also recruiting a European Youth Choir to perform at the final concert of BTVHVN2020, in December 2020.


As the audition material required to apply for both projects is be the same, singers who fit the application criteria can choose to submit an application for both projects.

Please note, however, that the application deadline for this project is October 31st, 2019.

More information can be found on this document and on the European Choral Association's website.

For information please contact:

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