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Learn the rules and request the audition material


In case there isn't a recruiter in your country or the recruiters in your country are not holding auditions this year you can still apply to the World Youth Choir. For this you will need to find a supervisor and organise a supervised recording of your audition.

What is a supervised recording?

A supervised recording is a live audition recorded in line with the rules and requirements of the application process stated below and monitored by a singing or music teacher, conductor, or former or current World Youth Choir member.


Who is eligible to submit a direct application?


a) Candidates from countries where there is no national audition organised or the listed recruiter(s) are not active anymore.


b) Candidates who applied for a national selection but did not attend an already scheduled national audition - only and specifically due to health or physical incapacity, proved to a national recruiter by a valid doctor's certificate.


c) Candidates who are exchange students in a country where a national recruiter has no legal jurisdiction, nor capacity to audition and represent a foreigner.


d) WYC alumni.


f) Candidates with an exceptional situation which does not allow them to comply to any of the application procedures mentioned in this website and whose cases will be analysed on a case-to-case basis.



How can I request the audition material in order to submit a direct application?

Fill out the form below requesting permission to submit a direct audition application (with a supervised recording attached) to the World Youth Choir international jury, and thus applying for the final international selection. Such inquiry should provide relevant reasons explaining why you are requesting to apply through the direct application process (if you fit one of the criteria mentioned above you can just copy the text that applies to you and use it as justification).


After such request is approved, we will supply the candidate with all audition documents except for the sight-reading exercise. The sight-reading exercise will be provided to the supervisor appointed/selected by the candidate. By agreeing to be the supervisor of an audition, the supervisor fully agrees to the general audition terms as well as all rules and requirements undertaking the role of national recruiter in this particular case, making sure all material is recorded properly and submitted through the application form provided.

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