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Show support for our mission

Private support is more important now than ever.

Join us in becoming good stewards of this extraordinary and

unique project.


​Private support to the Foundation World Youth Choir plays a critical role in preserving the Choir’s place as one of the world’s best and unique multicultural choral projects today. Your donation can make a difference in every corner of the World Youth Choir project.

Why give?


• Because the World Youth Choir gave and still gives so much to you, as a former or current member of the Choir,

• Because during your time as a singer, the Choir provided opportunities that allowed you to not only grow professionally or personally, but also to come into your own as a leader outside of the project in the field of music, singing, conducting, teaching, etc.

• Because the choir allowed you to discover your true passions and you came out of the choir already on the path to a great career,

• Because your experience in the World Youth Choir truly shaped who you are today,

• Because you closely collaborate with the World Youth Choir through its activities, projects, your national music, choral, choral directors associations, federations,

• Because you are a true supporter and believer in a better world created through choral music activities,

• Because I had the chance to listen to the World Youth Choir and became a fan,

• Because our work, mission, and vision are in line with your life motto: "quality choral sound through multiculturalism and diversity",

• Because you believe that there is no greater task than supporting somebody’s development,

• Because it's the right thing to do!

”There is something very wonderful in music. It speaks not to our thoughts as words do; it speaks straight to our hearts and spirits, to the very core and root of our souls. Music soothes, stirs us up; it puts noble feelings in us; it melts us to tears, we know not how... it is a language by itself!”​

A gift to the Foundation World Youth Choir is not just about the money; it is about showing your support for the project that gave you some of the best years of your life. You were not a member? You are not a musician? Your vocation is different but you have passion for any kind of music? No problem, you can donate too!


Even a gift of 25€ from any individual shows that you believe in the World Youth Choir and you want to see future singers form all over the world have the same great experience you had or you strongly believe can be a life changing experience for any musician. And small gifts add up!  Think about what the Choir could do if EVERY former, current or future singer, every individual of good will, donates just 25€?

Your gift is a vote of confidence in what the World Youth Choir has been, what it is today and what it will be tomorrow!​

Your generosity will join others and collectively make a significant impact on the World Youth Choir project and the Foundation itself. If you wish so, you can declare your impact and directly support:

• Singers “travel support” fund,

• The future artistic development of the World Youth Choir, its impact on the global choral stage and its visibility in the most important concert halls all over the globe,

• The development of the daily life of the Foundation and its office, as the institution running the project,

• The visibility of the Foundation and the project itself, through advertisement and marketing,

• A stronger recruitment network, reaching more countries and involving choral communities of all continents,

• Alumni leadership and professional networking opportunities, such as our attempt to create the independent Alumni association



You can send your donation to


Stichting World Youth Choir

Churchillplein 10, 2517 JW Den Haag

The Netherlands

Account number: 198493886

IBAN: NL09 TRIO 0198 4938 86



NOTE: IBAN code is only needed for transactions between European bank accounts (with exception of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldavia) and, also, between banks from some other countries (Arabia, Israel, etc.) and European banks. For worldwide transfers, however, you may need the BIC (Bank Identifier Code = older name SWIFT code) + the normal bank account. (E.g. Transfers between Europe and USA, Canada, Australia, China, etc…).

So, how can I donate to the World Youth Choir?

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