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Meet the ensemble selected for the World Youth Choir Alumni Session 2023

The selection of singers was made amongst the 92 singers who expressed interest and availability in joining the American Choral Directors Association National Conference 2021 in Dallas, Texas (USA) (cancelled due to COVID) following a call sent to all singers who participated in a session between 2016 and 2019. The final selection features 43 singers coming from 32 countries who will represent the World Youth Choir in an international tour in Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary. 

The process was conducted based on each singer's audition material submitted for previous sessions, performance during the session they participated in (based on observations from the WYC manager, section leaders and conductor) and overall ability to be a representative of the programme. Furthermore, the jury also took into consideration the complementarity of the voices of the singers selected in order to create a cohesive group in each section and for the whole choir and, whenever possible, to amplify the diversity of countries represented in the World Youth Choir. 

The selection was made by the session manager, board members and the artistic advisors of the World Youth Choir Foundation.


The choice was often hard for the selection committee and the singers selected have now a heavy responsibility in representing the World Youth Choir. Many others could be also part of the choir and not being selected does not diminish their skills. We deeply thank the continuous interest and involvement of all our former singers and invite those still eligible to apply for future projects.


Soprano section

Agnieszka Długołęcka, Poland

Angéla Mészáros, Hungary

Carly Wingfield, USA

Gabrielle Camacho, Brazil

Giulia Faria, Brazil

Jovana Filipović, Serbia

María Fernanda Gonzalez, Peru

Mayuko Tsushida, Japan

Mechthild Rommelspacher, Germany

Miggi Angangco, Philippines

Nadezhda McCune, Bulgaria

Alto section

Aniangi Vieira, Venezuela

Chloey Kiely, Ireland

Elyse Delaney, Canada

Greta Andersberg, Sweden

Kai Detering, Germany

Pınar Çanakçı, Turkey

Shannon Romba, USA

Siri Marklund, Sweden

Victoria Belova, Russia

Zala Strmole, Slovenia

Tenor section

Alberto Araújo, Portugal

Aljaž Bastič, Slovenia

Arga Rakasiwi, Indonesia

Ciarán Fennelly, Ireland

Felipe da Paz Soares, Brazil

Kevin Hernández Toledo, Mexico

Pathorn Swasdisuk, Thailand

Raimer Gil, Venezuela

Robert Pirk, Estonia

Shih-Hao Lai, Taiwan

Bass section

Alberto Palacín, Spain

Ardak Bukharbekov, Kazakhstan

Yi-Hsiu Chung, Taiwan

Elias Aaron Johansson, Sweden

Eslon Hindundu, Namibia

Frederic Tamarit, Spain

Graeme Climie, Canada

Guilherme Roberto, Brazil

Nathan Tax, the Netherlands

Seth Makafui Passah, Ghana

Timothy Ferguson, United Kingdom

Yonathan Villarreal, Venezuela

Note: Due to some last-minute cancellations, we had to contact new singers to join the session. This is the most updated list of singers.

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