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of the World Youth Choir 2017

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The Summer Session 2017 of the World Youth Choir will take placebetween July 4th and July 24th, first at the great venue of the Kodály Centre in Pécs, Hungary, one of the best conference and concert venue of Central Europe, and then in a tour of concerts that will take the Choir into an unforgettable experience through Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovian, Croatia and Slovenia (details will be confirmed by the end of April 2017). The core programme of the World Youth Choir for 2017 will consist of classical and contemporary pieces (e.g. Mendelssohn, Tajcevic, Kodály, Forte, Orbán), and of folk arrangements form the countries where the tour takes place. Thanks to the rich diversity of the conductors it will also include African folk tunes, African-American spirituals, and contemporary compositions from all around the world. The World Youth Choir will be directed by conductors Zoltán Pad from Hungary and Ken Wakia from Kenya.


The World Youth Choir Management would like to acknowledge all our partners, national recruiters, WYC alumni and audition supervisors that helped to audition an outstanding number of high- quality applications for this year’s edition of the WYC. The recruitment process could not have been carried out without their invaluable help and for this we would like to publicly thank them.



Charlotte Botha - South Africa

Gabrielle Camacho - Brazil

Agnieszka Długołęcka - Poland

Anna Campmany Duch - Spain

Nadezhda Dimitrova - Bulgaria

On-ying Angela Yiu - Hong Kong

Kretz Cécile - France

Hsi Ying Chang - Taiwan

Linnéa Sjöberg - Sweden

Shannon Romba - United States

Laura Fernández - Spain

Gabriela Esmeralda Martínez H. - Mexico

Aniangi Michell Vieira F. - Venezuela

Ana Arán - Spain

Aurore Clerbois - Belgium

Hana Salihovic - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cynthia Hagelstein - Belgium

Nika Mutak - Croatia

Mechthild Rommelspracher - Germany

Sterre Decru - Belgium

Jovana Filipovic - Serbia

Anna Szabo - Australia


Anastasia Dillon - Argentina

Elyse Delaney - Canada

Laura Chareun - Switzerland

Ivy Szot - Brazil

Viktoria Belova - Russia

Tjasa Fajdiga - Slovenia

Aliz Andrea Kiss - Hungary


Jussi Salonen - Finland

David Medrado - Brazil

Robert Pirk - Estonia

Shih-Hao Lai - Taiwan

Yuto Yamaguchi - Japan

Alberto Araújo - Portugal

Tobias Christian Stückelberger - Switzerland

Pathorn Swasdisuk - Thailand

Mbindamanu Suasisa Gloire - Congo

Felipe da Paz Soares - Brazil

Aljaz Bastic - Slovenia

Aitor Garitano - Spain

Joseph Okello - Kenya

Yi-Chiang Chiu - Taiwan


Matúš Mazár - Slovakia

Esteban Adolfo Aranguiz - Argentina

Guilherme Amorim Rocha - Brazil

Filip Cieszyński - Poland

Elias Aaron Johansson - Sweden

Yonathan Villarreal - Venezuela

Timothy Ferguson - United Kingdom

Guilherme Roberto - Brazil

Willingerd Samuel Gimenez A.- Venezuela

Bryan Pei En Chong - Malaysian

Jarod Spence - South Africa

Anderson Piaspam - Venezuela

David McCune - Canada

Boldizsár Zajkás - Hungary

Kelvin Omulo - Kenya

All the singers above have been contacted and will take part in the World Youth Choir pending submission of their signed confirmation of attendance. The shortlisted reserve singers or re-invited WYC alumnis will be contacted in case any of the selected singers is unable to take part in the World Youth Choir 2017 programme or fails to confirm their attendance.



Liv Lund Poulsen - Denmark

Isa Berix -Netherlands

Elsie Mokaya - Kenya

Teresa Villena - Spain

Sofia Boukdir - Sweden

Sofia Isabel Riera Rivas - Venezuela


Lukas Gunawan Arga R.- Indonesia

Valentin Hinostroza - Peru

Yulbin Kim - Republic of Korea


Aurore Clerbois - Belgium

Rayanne Carrara - Brazil

Nora Zeigure - Latvia

Jacqueline Jye Yee Teng - Malaysia

Kevin Michael Maske - Phillipines


Franco Basili - Argentina

Louis Fourie - South Africa

Lin Huan-Wei - Taiwan

Chai-Ming Ko - Taiwan

Domonkos Dergez - Hungary

All the singers above have been contacted and are aware of their status as reserve singers. Pending decision of the jury, they will be contacted in case any of the selected singers is unable to take part in the World Youth Choir 2017 programme or fails to confirm their attendance

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