Join the World Youth Choir



Between 17 and 26 years old on July 1st, 2020.

A passionate choral singer.

From a background of basic or semi professional music education.

Ready to meet new friends all over the world.

Able to speak English at an intermediate level.

Seeking a different professional challenge.

Eager to learn in a multicultural environment.

Then you are ready to apply! 

Each year, the World Youth Choir welcomes around 60-100 singers to participate in a summer session and a concert tour. Your application process will depend on wether you participated before or not. See the different options available below and choose the one fitting your current situation.



If you fit the application criteria, schedule an audition with a national recruiter in your country.
Learn about the audition process and requirements and prepare for your audition.
If your audition is among the best in your country, it will be forwarded to the international jury who will make the final selection on the composition of the choir.
All applicants are notified of the results of their application.

Can't find a recruiter in your country?

Your national recruiter doesn't reply?

Your national recruiter will not organise an audition?


No problem! You can submit a direct application to the World Youth Choir international jury.



Singers who were selected members of the 2019 session should request a direct application, and only the choral pieces need to be submitted (mandatory choral piece and aria of choice). Singers who were selected members of sessions before 2019 can apply through the same process but should also submit a voice range.


Singers who applied for the 2019 session but were not selected should apply with the new materials. Schedule an audition with a national recruiter or, if there is no national recruiter in your country or the national recruiter is not active, you can request a direct application.

For information please contact:

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